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On Spiritual Integration in Counseling at Seminary of the Southwest

Dr. Awa Jangha discusses Spiritual Integration components of the Clinical Mental Health Counseling degree offered at Seminary of the Southwest.

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On Latinx Studies at Seminary of the Southwest

Southwest Trustee the Rev. Alex Montes-Vela discussed the Latinx Studies program at Seminary of the Southwest.

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On Military Chaplaincy at Seminary of the Southwest

MDiv Senior James Reiss talks about the Military Chaplaincy MDiv offered at Seminary of the Southwest.

The Rev. Mary Balfour Dunlap, ’14
(Greenwood, SC)

Volunteer and Donor

“For most of my life I have known and loved God. The Seminary of the Southwest equipped me with the confidence to know that I could be God’s servant and minister in God’s kingdom. My heart will always be full and grateful for my time spent on that block in Austin, Texas. When I was asked to be a part of the campaign, the answer was an easy yes! How could I not give back to a place that has given me so much. I am so thrilled for the Seminary of the Southwest and the future of all those people who are looking for that confidence to be a minister in God’s kingdom.”

The Rev. Mary Balfour Dunlap, Rector of The Episcopal Church of the Resurrection (Greenwood, South Carolina), graduated from Seminary of the Southwest with a Master of Divinity in 2014. Mary Balfour often reflects fondly on her time at Southwest as a place that equipped her with the confidence to know that she could be God’s servant and minister in God’s kingdom. She established this confidence through her hands-on course work and her work study assignment with Dean Kittredge. The work study program equips students to experience ministry in action. Mary Balfour and her husband Murray believe so strongly about the preparation and training which she received at Southwest that they upgraded their campaign pledge. Their reinvestment is a testament to their commitment to the future of the seminary.


The Rev. Josephine Robertson, ’11
(Kirkland, WA)

“The practical, grounded education I received at SSW has given me the confidence to follow the Spirit through more diverse and strange calls than I could have ever imagined, and to do it with the confidence that while I might not know all the answers I knew how to find how! I will always be grateful for the thoughtful instruction, worship rooted in the daily office, and welcoming community. The friendships I made at Southwest were the wind that let me stretch, and risk, and grow in confidence and joy. And those same friendships continue to support my ministry today. I cannot wait to see what the next students of the Seminary of the Southwest will bring to the church.”

The Rev. Josephine Robertson, Vicar of All Saints Episcopal Church (Bellevue, Washington) and Founder of Crazy Whole Life (a spirituality website for Nones and Dones), graduated from Seminary of the Southwest with a Master of Divinity in 2011. Rev. Robertson loved her time at Southwest, especially the unique way the small tight knit campus and local housing built a community of unlikely friends and lifelong connections. She has taken this model of Christian community into her work in the church, seeking to help Christians in Texas, Washtington, and beyond build real caring communities that transform themselves and the world around them, building God’s kingdom together. Robertson, and her husband Tim Peoples (who she met while at Southwest and who were married in Christ Chapel) believe strongly in the transformational education at SSW and are proud to have supported the campaign. They hope their investment in their beloved seminary helps future generations of leaders to encounter community, transformation, and grace in that unique place.

The Fondren Foundation
(Houston, TX)

Lead Donor

“Southwest forms excellent leaders who serve communities across the nation. The Foundation is excited to be a part of this landmark campaign to help meet the urgent needs of the learning facilities.”

– The Fondren Foundation board member

The Fondren Foundation was among the lead donors that supported the first major capital campaign at Seminary of the Southwest in the late 1980’s. Through multiple generations, the family and Foundation leadership has maintained their commitment to the support of the seminary’s significant mission. The Trustees believe in the long term support of the seminary and have confidence in Southwest’s leadership and goals. The Foundation committed to reinvesting in Seminary of the Southwest to create the tools it needs to continue this important work.

Mr. John B. McFarland & Mrs. Jill McFarland
(Austin, TX)

“Strong leadership development is essential to the long term health of the Church and this is at the core of the Southwest mission. This is why we support the seminary” 

 –  John & Jill McFarland

John and Jill McFarland are long-time Episcopalians and have supported a number of Episcopal causes including Seminary of the Southwest. John has been extensively involved as a member and current Chair of the Monday Connection Host Committee, which brings engaging speakers to campus such as astronauts, artists, philanthropists, and media figures to talk about translating faith into their work. When the McFarlands’ good friend Clarke Heidrick, Executive Chair of Southwest’s Board of Trustees, asked them to make a meaningful gift to Forming Leaders At the Frontier: Campaign for Southwest, it was a resounding “Yes!”

St. Andrew’s Episcopal Church
(Amarillo, TX)

“With names like Nix, Mann, Craig, Cowden Field, Pace and Houze, the impact these Southwest grads have had and are having on St. Andrew’s is incredibly significant and we are better due to them.”

– Ed Dowdy, St. Andrew’s Senior Warden

St. Andrew’s Episcopal Church (Amarillo, Texas) has a longstanding connection to Seminary of the Southwest. The parish has sent seminary students and has been home to many Southwest graduates who have served in clergy leadership roles over the last several decades. To the community of St. Andrew’s, investing in the campaign was more than supporting building and endowment funds., It was about creating and honoring an important friendship. In February 2020, the parish hosted a Senior seminarian who preached at Sunday services. Following the sermon, all parishioners were invited to support the capital campaign. Through this partnership Southwest and St. Andrew’s build stronger bonds with old and new friends alike. St. Andrew’s intends to host a seminarian every year to cement this lasting bond.