Six Word Stories and Live Event Art

Live Event Art by Ami

Six Word Stories

The Lord Loves A Joyful Giver

-Morgan Allen

All for the good of community

-Lesley Wilder

New spaces, new faces, new frontiers

-Hope Benko

New journeys, new friends, new frontiers!

-Donna Emery

For such a time as this.

-Keela Vaughn

Live into this exciting moment together

-Charley Scarborough

It took all of us to make it!

-Suzan Fenner

Creative expression at its very best!

-Claire Colombo

Hope for spreading God’s love everywhere!

-Katherine Harper

Amazing welcome, sharing love of Christ

-Carol Sedlacek

for encouraging love spreaders always, thanks!

-Lauren Greenwade

Ripples of formation keep traveling outward.

-Jennifer Shadle

New creation underway in our community

-John Lewis

Opened my heart! Changed my life!

-Patty Speier

It was my pleasure to give

-Bill Lasher

My gift memorializes dear Leslie Williams ’82

-Stockton Williams

Ushering in the kingdom of God!

-Barkley Thompson

God’s love will always liberate us.

-Minerva Camarena Skeith

Standing on history, forward into frontier

-Kai Ryan

Over/Above beyond what is imagined

-Awa Jangha

Jo Craig inspired us to give!

-Barbara Whitton

Journeying together, with God, in hope.

-Mary Ann Huston

Imagining the Seminary of the future!

-Chad Vaughn

Formation in community. Faith in action

-Frank & Louise Samuelson

Of course you did, of course.

-Nancy Springer-Baldwin

Building beautiful spaces for faithful leaders

-Carrie Duncan

Equipped me–serve anywhere doing anything!

-Lacy Largent

SSW Formed Delaware’s very best priest.

-Charles Lane Cowen

Inspiring students.  Inspiring future.  Inspired church.

-Danielle Tumminio Hansen